Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years Eve And more strange Orange Lights in the sky

Last night the 31st Dec 2012 between 2030 and 2200, we spotted no less that nine of the orange lights (Orbs) in the sky. They appeared one at a time travelling mainly North to South or South to North, on two occasions one passed over the house no noise and below the cloud base as it was again overcast. Below are pics of what we saw.
Click on images to see full size image, in the first pick you can see the neighbors house and an outline of a tree.
All the pics were taken with the camera on a tripod, the movement is not camera shake but rather the object moving. We are also not the only people seeing these lights in South Africa, have a look at the site below. I wish someone could explain this phenomenon.

UFO SA Web site

Below is an entry posted on ufosa.co.za  by Edwarrd in Pretoria of a sighting last night.

Who saw the 3 orange lights just after 12 pm last night while watching the fireworks for 2013 in Pretoria. they moved very fast from north to south. The 1st one pass and then immediatedly thereafter the 2nd and then followed by the 3rd. not the same colour as last sigting but same size as previous moving opposite direction as last time… everyone that were in Pretoria last night watching the fireworks must have seen it!!!
EdwarrdJanuary 1, 2013