The Schooner project

25 April 2011

The planking needs to be cut from wide Yellow Wood strips to make up the 3mm X 1.5mm Planking strips. Pic below shows the cut strips and the end result.

09 April 2011

The Schooner's deck planking is now complete, and the second layer of hull planking has been started. The deck is SA Pine and the hull planking is yellow wood.

19 Feruary 2011

The reshaping has now been completed and a layer of filler applied ready for the final layer of planking. I have not yet decided whether to plank the hull in Beech or Yellow wood, the planks will be 3mm by 1.5mm thick. I have found yellow wood really easy to bend and I like the look of the end result.

Some of the deck planking has been done as well as the raised Quaterdeck.

22 January 2011

Some progress on the schooner hull planking, Planking below has been oiled and above not. All the years I have been doing woodwork projects I have sworn by "Fufnigloss" oil/polish, I have found that when using this oil on light timber it tends to take on a slight red colour as the polish itself is red. This polish has been around since 1939 and has always been red, Unknown to me in 1993 a clear polish was introduced to the furnigloss range. See pic below showing both oils. this leiminates the red staining of lighter timber and really looks good.

14 January 2011

Below is a drawing of the "Bluenose Schooner" showing what the hull lines of a schooner should look like.

09 January 2011

The Schooner I purchased at Bid or Buy in december 2010, She's a bit tatty but has huge potential, with a bit of hard work and some reshaping it will be a very nice model.

The rigging is really in bad shape as well as a broken top mast and bow sprit
The deck furniture is not too bad but will need a revamp and a bit more detail added.
I am really not happy with the shape of the hull, so a repalnking and reshaping will have to take place. The deck planking will also be redone.

There seems to be a bit of the hull missing or left out at the front end

From the rear the hull lines look really good as aposed to the front end.

Here she is after being stripped down a bit.

The new false keel and false ribs in place

There will be a complete change in the hull lines.