Thursday, December 27, 2012

Strange Lights (U.F.O) seen in the sky 24th December and 26th December 2012

I never imagined that I would be writing about this subject as I am regarded as a sceptic, but this I have seen with my wife and grandson. I am not prepared to call these alien craft sightings, but only some sort of unidentified flying object or objects. Many people want to explain these sightings as aircraft, helicopters, flares, fireworks or chinese lanterns. I do not think so, I am no expert but the speed at which they moved and the height they were travelling below the cloud base there should have been sound. There are other people who believe that if it looks like a duck, waddles like a duck and quacks like a duck, it still might be something else. Who knows, it may have a simple explanation, or it may not.

At about 2045 on the evening of the 24th Dec 2012 my wife and I saw an orange light in the sky above some trees in our neighbors garden. The light was similar in colour to the orange street lights you see in most suburbs, the light also appeared to be burning or flame like.
The light moved at speed from east to west and was under the clouds, there had been a thunderstorm and rain earlier in the evening, the object appeared to be close as it passed overhead but there was no sound at all. The light soon moved out of sight, within a few minutes another appeared much further away also moving east to west the light then appeared to stand still for a few seconds and faded away.
At about 2125 we spotted another orange light moving low on the horizon north to south this one was moving very fast, it disappeared  shortly after. We then saw another orange light  which seemed to be traveling east to west on the same path as the second one, this too appeared to fade away as the other did.

At about 2100 on the evening of the 26th Dec 2012 I saw another orange light in the sky, this one moved east to west was far away and was not visible for very long, it too faded from view. The weather conditions were similar to the evening of the 24th. I do not think that these lights could have been Chinese lanterns, as they moved way too fast and there was no wind at all.

What did we see??? we are not the only people that have witnessed these lights, there were sightings in Natal on the 20th and 21st Dec 2012 and in Cape Town from Jan to Dec 2012 what do you think??

The pics above I took on the 24th Dec 2012 look at the photo of the CT sighting in Jan 2012
Pics taken with cell phone quality not too good

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