Plans and Drawings

Blue Nose Body plan and deck Layout

HMS Revenge 46 gun galleon 1577

HMS Enterprize 28 gun Frigate 1774

HMS Royal caroline

Period Ships Detail

USS Constitution 52 gun heavy frigate 1797

Prins Willem 32 gun Dutch V.O.C 1649

Vassa Sweeden 1628

HMS Resolution 70 gun ship 1667

HMS Kingfisher 14 gun sloop 1770

HMS Serapis 1779

HMS Leopard 1709 50 Guns

French 86 Gun Ship Le Phenix

New England Fishing Schooner Benjamin W.Latham 1902

American 32 gun Frigate Raleigh

American Revenue cutter Alert 1818

La Licorne

La Licorne is a fictional three-masted armed navy vessel appearing in the Adventures of Tin Tin Comic books published in 1934. The design was based on the ship Le Brilliant built in 1690 at Le Harve france.

Santisima Trinidad

Spanish First Rate Santisima Trinidad 136 gun ship 1769

Schooner "Bluenose"

Royal Louis

The cut out drawing, Rigging detail and assy detail for Royal Louis in 1/48th scale

HMAV Bounty

Below is a set of plans for HMS Bounty, these plans are available in PDF to any scale. Just ask
is you require a set of plans and I will e mail.

Below is what I call the "Organ Pipe" view of the Keel and the bulkheads. The bulkheads in the drawing are actually the wrong way around they are numbered one to fifteen left to right, should be number fifteen on the left goining to number one on the right.

I have finally found a good set of plans for the Original Bluenose Schooner, below is page one of ten pages of detail drawings. The drawings are not to any scale yet, as I have not decided what scale to build. The hull lines are really sleek, a boat genuinely built to race, although she was a fishing Schooner she dominated in racing in Nova Scotia.
The Black pearl from "Pirates of the Carribean" I would really like to build the black pearl after Couronna perhaps a scratch build as the plans look good. There are no shortage of pictures on the net for reference.