Friday, December 31, 2010

Cannon Update First prototype complete

Below is a pic of the cannon on top of the truck's fith wheel (scale of the truck is 1/10 scale of the cannon is 1/84) just to show the scale of the projects I am used to doing.

The first prototype cannon is now complete and painted, I have managed to order some Hematite rod in 8mm to turn the rest of the cannon. Hematite is a nylon type material and is usually black in colour, the colour making it perfect for Canon. Not to mention the fact that it is very easy to turn on the lathe giving a smooth finish with little sanding. I think it is time to find my tungsten lathe tips that I have stashed away in a cupboard in my workshop. The tungsten tips will make turning quite easy as they keep a good edge even on hard steel like tool steel, so the hematite should be no problem at all.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dec Update 64 Gun French Galleon

I have now started on the cannons and the gun carriages, have just realised how small they are. Finally started to revamp my new work station (ship yard). There are 64 Cannon with 48 visible and 16 dummy barrels. So there are 96 carriages sides and 192 wheels. 48 complete cannons and 16 dummy's are a rather large task.
 The first of the gun carriage sides cut from Rhodesian Teak, 1 of 96 hip hip frikken hooray only 95 to go.

A cannon in the Lathe, the stock is a 6mm hard wood dowel

A new beginning and an on going task of working and building a new work station still a lot of work to be done. The post form counter top will go on next and drawers to be assembled.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Update 64 Gun French Galleon second layer hull planking

Well at last the second layer of hull planking is complete on one side and most of the gun ports have been cut out. Some of the sanding has been done, now that I am on leave and revamping my work station work should be a bit more frequent and a bit more organised.
The Victory's Launch in the foreground, as you can see the Couronna is not as big as the Victory.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Iveco Strallis 6 X 4 Scale Model

The Dimensions of the Horse are (L) 575mm (H) 320mm (W) 220mm. When completed the horse will have two flat bed trailers as well. The timber used Meranti,  Baltic pine and Canadian Beech
Side view showing the bottom half of the cab
Underside engine detail and prop shaft still to be added
The fith wheel actually works hooking and un hooking the trailer

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Update 64 Gun French Galleon second layer hull planking

At long last, I have started the second layer of hull planking. Cutting the thin strips of timber presented quite a few challenges, namely the risk of trimming off the tips of one's fingers, beleive me I know all about this as I have had the misfortune to trim off  the tips of both my middle fingers, my left on my table saw about 12 years ago and the right about four months ago on the radial arm saw. I overcame this challenge by building a very simple jig to firmly hold the timber while cutting, it works rather well reducing the risk of serious injury, as some of you might know a radial arm saw can be extreemly dangerous. The radial arm saw I own was purchased from a gent who lost four fingers with the saw, his misfortune induced an urgent sale of the machine, greatly reducing his interest in wood working machinery.
Second layer of teak planking the lower half of the hull will be beech
"The cutting jig" with timber to be cut clamped in place
The scrap timber clamped to the saw fence guides thickness

Monday, October 4, 2010

Update 64 Gun French Galleon

First layer of Hull planking is progressing well, we have had a lot of rain over the last few days, so the soaked planking is taking a while to dry out. This also affects the drying time of the glue, so much for quickset glue.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Tipper Truck

The dimensions of this project are:
Length 700mm
Width 320mm
Height 300mm
Constructed from: Body 8mm SA Pine Ply Wood, Chassis Canadian Beech, Wheels SA Pine, wheel arches and other trim are Meranti
The plans for this truck will be available for download soon

Sail Boat

The Hull is constructed from 6mm Pine ply wood glue and dowels, the deck planking is Rhodesian Teak, the mast is Canadian Beech and the cabin is 9mm ply and Meranti.The dimensions are:
Length 750mm
Beam 220mm
Draught 80mmm
Mast 670mm
Although this is still a work in progress, I normally build three or four models at a time.
The plans for this Boat will be available for download soon

My very first wooden truck

I cant remember when I built this little truck, it was made from old parquet flooring, which I beleive to be Rhodesian Teak. I have been building wooden toy's for many years, I think it is time to share some of my experience and learn from other model and toy makers from around the world.
The plans for this truck will be available for download soon