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The Gulf of Genoa, 13-14 March 1795

The Gulf of Genoa, 13-14 March 1795

Vice-Admiral William Hotham, commander of the British fleet in the
Mediterranean, followed 15 French ships of the line under Rear-Admiral
Martin, steering for Corsica with 5,000 troops to retake the island. After two
Days of ineffective maneuvering, Hotham finally closed when two French ships
Became fouled, fell astern and suffered severe damage from British fire. The
Following morning the two fleets engaged at long range but with no decisive
Result, the French escaping to the west by mid-afternoon, abandoning the
Crippled Ca Ira and Censeur, which had taken the former in tow, to capture.


Captain                                 74                           Captain Samuel Reeve
Bedford                                  74                           Captain Davidge Gould
Tancredi (Neap.)                  74                           Captain Chev. Caraccioli
Princess Royal                     98                           Vice-Admiral Samuel Goodall, Captain John Purvis
Agamemnon                          64                           Captain Horatio Nelson
Lowestoft                               32                           Captain Benjamin Hallowell
Poulette                                 26                           Commander Ralph Miller
Tarleton                                 14                           Captain Charles Brisbane
Minerva (Neap.)                      32                           ---
Pilade (Neap.)                         ---                           ---


Illustrious                              74                           Captain Thomas Frederick
Courageux                            74                           Captain Augustus Montgomery
Britannia                              100                          Vice-Admiral William Hotham, Captain John Holloway
Egmont                                   74                           Captain John Sutton
Windsor Castle                     98                           Rear-Admiral Robert Linzee, Captain John Gore
Inconstant                              36                           Captain Thomas Fremantle
Meleager                                32                           Captain George Cockburn


Diadem                                  64                           Captain Charles Tyler
St George                              98                           Vice-Admiral Sir Hyde Parker, Captain Thomas Foley
Terrible                                 74                           Captain George Campell
Fortitude                               74                           Captain William Young
Romulus                                 36                           Captain George Hope
Moselle                                  18                           Commander Charles Pater
Fox                                         cutter                     Lieutenant John Gibson