Saturday, October 9, 2010

Update 64 Gun French Galleon second layer hull planking

At long last, I have started the second layer of hull planking. Cutting the thin strips of timber presented quite a few challenges, namely the risk of trimming off the tips of one's fingers, beleive me I know all about this as I have had the misfortune to trim off  the tips of both my middle fingers, my left on my table saw about 12 years ago and the right about four months ago on the radial arm saw. I overcame this challenge by building a very simple jig to firmly hold the timber while cutting, it works rather well reducing the risk of serious injury, as some of you might know a radial arm saw can be extreemly dangerous. The radial arm saw I own was purchased from a gent who lost four fingers with the saw, his misfortune induced an urgent sale of the machine, greatly reducing his interest in wood working machinery.
Second layer of teak planking the lower half of the hull will be beech
"The cutting jig" with timber to be cut clamped in place
The scrap timber clamped to the saw fence guides thickness